2023 Holiday Gift Guide For Every Stationery Lover!

2023 Holiday Gift Guide For Every Stationery Lover!

It's that time of the year again! We put together a list of our top picks for gifts for the stationery lovers in your life. Whether they're fountain pen lovers, ink bottle collectors, stationery nerds, pen and pencil addicts, artists or some other kind of stationery fiend, we hope you'll find some great gift ideas for them on our gift guide. Let us know if we missed anything :) 

For a complete list of our 2023 Holiday Gift Guide, check out our collection.

Fountain Pen Lover

Pilot Vanishing Point - 60th Anniversary - Kanreki
After our feature video on Pilot Vanishing Point this year, I really do have a new found respect and admiration for the Vanishing Point. It is a fountain pen that I believe every fountain pen lover should at least try once, and I'm pretty sure that once they've tried it, they will fall in love with its elegance, especially when compared with other retractable fountain pens available. To think this design was originally released in 1963! So, why not just get them one? They'll love you for it. The Kanreki is Pilot's special edition of the Vanishing Point, released for this iconic pen's 60th year anniversary. 

TWSBI Diamond 580 Iris
It's no secret that we here at Yoseka are obsessed with TWSBIs. And if most of the members on our team own at least one TWSBI, you know they've got to be great workhorse pens right? After all, we all really do use our fountain pens everyday. A lot. The Diamond 580 is TWSBI's most popular model in our shop. It's a really great fountain pen--easy to write with, easy to fill, easy to love. The Iris colorway was originally released in 2020 on TWSBI's VAC700R model and it is now available on the piston-filling Diamond 580 model.
LAMY 2000
This is another one of those fountain pens that every fountain pen lover should try or own in their collection. In the shop, we meet so many fountain pen lovers with different tastes. Some users collect vintage pens only; some are fans of European fountain pens; many fountain pen lovers in our shop have a penchant for Japanese nibs. But across all these collections, the LAMY 2000 is a classic fountain pen we see over and over in everyone's collections--no matter their individual taste in fountain pens. It's easy to understand why too with the LAMY 2000's timeless design and comfortable design. Get an EF nib if your giftee likes fine nibs as these nib line widths run thicker than usual. 

Yoseka x The Superior Labor Roll Pen Case
If the fountain pen lover in your life already has too many fountain pens, maybe the right gift for them could be someplace to store all their fountain pens, keeping them safe and tucked away in beautiful leather pen roll. Our pen rolls are made for us by The Superior Labor, located in Okayama Prefecture in Japan. All of TSL's design and manufacturing takes place in a former elementary school campus in the rural and mountainous "nap village."

Yamamoto Paper - Fountain Pen Friendly Paper Collection
Did you know that fountain pens work best with fountain pen friendly paper? Maybe you didn't know that but we promise the fountain pen lover in your life does. This collection of 16 different types of fountain pen friendly papers comes glue bound in a notepad. It also comes with an information sheet on each different type of paper that's included so your friend can learn all about the paper(s) they end up loving most. 

Pilot Iroshizuku Fountain Pen Ink - Shin-kai
We have probably over 500 different colors of fountain pen ink, but one we hear over and over again from people is this one, Pilot Iroshizuku Shin-Kai but you really can't go wrong with anything from the Iroshizuku collection.

Stationery Obsessed

Hobonichi Planner



Our most popular planner by far, Hobonichi Planners are the number one planner in Japan and it's easy to see why. They come with beautiful paper, entertaining quotes at the bottom of each daily page and the whole planner fits easily into a pocket, purse or backpack. 

Uni-Ball One P Gel Pens

Uni-Ball One gel pens first came out in 2020, but when Uni released these pocket sized versions in shorter, chonkier pen bodies, people (including us) went crazy for them.

mt washi tape - Kamoi 100th anniversary sets 

Any washi tape lover will know the name mt, the brand of washi tape that has ruled all washi tapes. We pack with washi tape everyday and anyone on our team will tell you that no one makes sticky cute washi tapes like mt. For the 100th anniversary of Kamoi, the Japanese corporation that mt is part of, these artist collaboration anniversary sets were released and I promise they will make the diehard mt washi tape fan in your life very happy.

Classiky Toga Wood Box

These handmade Toga Wood boxes from Classiky are beautifully made with love and care. If you have a friend with a voracious appetite for cute little things, they’ll love this slightly larger cute little thing to store all their other cute little things.

YOSEKALAB Planner Sampler

Any stationery obsessed friend in your life will recognize that this planner sampler is the passion project of two of the most stationery obsessed members of our team, Amy and Bethany. I honestly believe that even if your friend already has a planner picked out for 2024 or if they've been using the same planner for 10 years with no intention of switching it up, they will simply appreciate that this exists from a stationery nerd standpoint. We can say that because we're all stationery nerds here :) 

Replug 2024 Calendar

A beautiful letterpress wall calendar that anyone would appreciate in their home and in their lives.

Hobby Stationery Box - 2023 Special Edition

How many magazines devoted to stationery do you know? Hobby Stationery Box is one of them that comes out quarterly in Japan. Although the text is all in Japanese, any stationery obsessed person would happily spend hours poring over the pages of this beautiful publication with a Google Translate app open, reading the excerpts all about the world's stationery classics. 

Notebook Collector

Traveler's Notebook



 A customizable leather notebook that can be used and replenished forever, and the leather will develop a unique patina with use.

Yoseka x Stalogy 365 Days Editor's Series Notebook

One of the most popular notebooks we have, the Stalogy Editor’s Series Notebooks are simple yet functional with a clean look and design that can work in professional settings and for personal use. It can double as a daily planner or simply be used as a notebook for notes. The light grey grid provides the perfect amount of structure that can also be easily ignored and drawn over. This is a notebook that all notebook aficionados should try at least once! At the beginning of this year, we released our very own Editor's Series notebook in Yoseka Green, made in collaboration with Stalogy. 

Midori 5 Year Diary

If someone in your life loves to journal or scrapbook and generally just enjoys the practice of looking back on memories, or if you know somebody who just began a new phase of their life, this beautiful Midori 5 Year Diary with an embroidered cover might be perfect for them.

Hightide Password Book



Truly, one of my best purchases this year :) I look forward to using it every chance I get and it's already paid off in saving me from countless password resets.

Life x Kleid Noble Note

I had to sneak in my personal favorite notebook. I love everything about it--the unusual tiny 2mm grid, that the paper options come in two colors: cream or white depending on your mood, the luxuriously smooth fountain pen friendly Life L Brand writing paper, the generous 100 sheets. I'm also a fan of both the A5 and B6 sizes they come in. Please...any notebook lover in your life deserves to try this notebook. 

Pen/Pencil Addict

Uni Jetstream Multi Pen



Uni released this Jetstream 3-color multi pen in 2022 and we have been loving it. I'm serious when I say we love it--many of us on the team use one. This pen gives you 70% more black ink than the other colors because black is the most commonly used color. The black ink is also the center knock, which means you can find it easily and without having to turn the pen all around. Jetstream ink is also one of the best to write with due to its quick dry time and silky smooth writing experience, making this pen our pick for an amazing gift for the pen addict in your life.

Pilot Parallel Calligraphy Pen

Don't judge these pens by their humble appearances! They are a lot of fun whether you have a collection of 50 fountain pens or whether you are a 10 year old kid learning to practice penmanship. The best part is that you can mix the ink colors to create a gradation effect.

Blackwing Volumes - Eras - 2023 Edition

This special edition pencil is the fourth entry in our Blackwing Eras series - honoring Blackwing's heritage with designs inspired by the Blackwing 602's unique history. The Blackwing Eras (2023 Edition) pencil sports a retro design inspired by the Van Dyke 601. Each box includes 12 special edition pencils with a classic yellow barrel.

Kaweco Sketch Up



A great pencil for artists, the Kaweco Sketch Up pencil comes loaded with a 5.6mm lead that produces a thick and dark line for sketching. It can be used on its side for an even darker line for coloring and shading in. The metal lead holder gives the pencil a great weight and balance in the hand, making it a classy and special gift for the artist in your life. 

Anterique Brass Ballpoint Pen

A very good-looking brass ballpoint pen.

Ink Obsessed

Diamine Inkvent 2023

Give the gift of festive ink colors in a fun advent calendar they can open throughout the holiday season. This is Diamine’s 4th annual Inkvent calendar and this year’s features shimmering, sheening, scented, chameleon and standard inks.

Ink Institute Jadeite Premium Sheen Ink

These fountain pen inks exhibit an extraordinary property of fountain pen inks called "sheen," where, once the ink is dry, the colors become almost metallic. Any ink lover will appreciate how cool this effect is and in this collection of inks from Ink Institute, a Taiwanese ink manufacturer, it is especially evident.

Sailor Hocoro Fude Nib

Sailor released their Hocoro dip pens at the end of the year in 2022 and they have quickly become my favorite dip pen. The fude nib is perfect for anything from swatching inks to sketching to even writing a letter because the removable feed allows you to pick up so much ink from just one dip into ink. The best thing about these dip pens? They are lightweight and you can easily invert the nib into the body of the holder to "cap" the pen and travel with it. This is a dip pen that you don't have to be precious with so you'll get the most use out of it. 

Nouto Cards

These Nuritakurie Coloring Ink Postcards from Nouto are perfect for fountain pen enthusiasts who have collected more ink than they can use! They come in various designs that are printed with transparent ink that acts as a water-repelling mask, so that they show up white next to a colorful wash of your ink of choice. 


Kakimori Brass Nib and Holder
When Kakimori released their brass nib and nib holder, they took the stationery world by storm and everyone has been loving them. Whether using the versatile nib for drawing or swatching ink colors out, these have been one of our most popular products this past year. Aritsts love them because you can hold the nib at different angles to the paper for different line widths, creating essentially an all in one pen. You can change out colors right away just by swishing the nib around in a jar of water. 
Kuretake Gansai Tambi Watercolor Pigments - Starry Colors
If there's an artist in your life who loves to watercolor, these glittery watercolors are probably what their dreams are made of. 
Mitsubishi Hi-Uni Pencil Art Set

Commonly regarded as the best pencils for drawing, Mitsubishi Hi-Unis come in 22 degrees of hardnesses. You might not know what that means, but your artist friend will and they'll cherish this set forever. 

Stocking Stuffers For Someone Who Loves Unique Adorable Things

Shipping Box Stickers

Eraser Dust Sweeper

Mt. Fuji Eraser

O'Band Rubberbands

Hightide Tiny Container


Happy Holidays and hope everyone stays safe, healthy and happy this holiday season! Shop the complete collection here.


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