Nouto Nuritakurie Coloring Ink Postcard Set

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These Nuritakurie Coloring Ink Postcards from Nouto are perfect for fountain pen enthusiasts who have collected more ink than they can use! They come in various designs that are printed with transparent ink that acts as a water-repelling mask, so that they show up white next to a colorful wash of your ink of choice. 
Anyone can feel like an experienced artist while using ink by simply coloring in the postcard. You can go as detailed or simple as you like! Business card size and postcards are available, depending on your needs.
*Although it is for general water-based ink, dye ink is more suitable than pigment ink because it is easier to repel. In rare cases, there are inks that are difficult to repel, so please swatch before using.

  • Dimensions: 100 x 148mm (postcard size)
  • Each pack has 5 cards total (1 design x 5 each) 
  • Available in Business Card Size

    Nouto, meaning "a door to the mind" is a stationery company established on April 14, 2017. The company's mission statement is to convey the joy of “writing, drawing, and making” to as many people as possible, not just by collecting stationery, but by actually using it as a tool.