About us

In 2017, Neil and I started Yoseka Stationery. At the time, he had a full time job and I was pursuing a Masters, but we had an idea to introduce Asian stationery to people here in the US. Having grown up in a stationery store in Taiwan, Neil’s concept of stationery was so different from the stationery typically found here. There is a lot of individuality reflected in your stationery choices when you grow up in Asia. Because there are so many choices—different sizes, number of pages or formats for notebooks and planners; different point sizes for pens; tapes and stickers for decorating letters or planners or journals; erasers for precision or less eraser dust; pencils for test-taking or drawing or office-use; fountain pens for writing in Western characters or Eastern characters—every category of stationery brings more to choose from.

Over the weekends, we started doing pop-ups in markets as a way of telling the story behind some of these stationeries. Quickly, we learned that the best way for you to learn about something new was by trying it out for yourself. Over the next couple of weekends, we took all the packaging off our products and made testers for every item we had. Gradually, as our customers tried everything out, we began to get to know people and form connections with customers who shared the same passion as us.

In 2018, when we opened our first shop in Sunnyside, we brought the same set up from our pop-ups into our brick and mortar store. Customers who visited us may still remember our one main tester table in the center of our shop. To this day, one of our fondest memories of the shop was simply being able to chat with customers about what their favorite stationery items were and the unique ways in which someone would use their stationery. If you visit our Greenpoint shop today, where we relocated in 2020, you'll find the same set up of a tester table located centrally in our shop.

Over the years, our team has grown to a lot more people than just me and Neil, but the heart of Yoseka and our mission will always be to create a space where you can try out your stationery within a community of individuals who share your passion.

Thank you so much for being here,
Daisy and Neil 

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63 West Street, Brooklyn, New York, 11222

Our first shop in Sunnyside from August
 2018 - September 2020.

Our pop up shop
at Williamsburg Marketplace at Diviera Drive (131 Berry St) from December 2017 - February 2018.

Our pop up shop at 6th Avenue of America (Brooklyn Flea in SoHo) from August 2017 - November 2017.

Here's Daisy at our very first pop up shop at LIC Flea in May 2017:

If you are interested in wholesale or large order, please reach out to support@yosekabox.com for more details.