Kyowa O'Band Rubber Bands - 8-Color Mix

Kyowa O'Band Rubber Bands - 8-Color Mix. Since 1917, these rubber bands have been Japan's best selling rubber bands. Each band is made from soft rubber, so they're strong, but flexible and less likely to snap. Moreover, the rubber bands don't have a strong smell, and are safe for use with food. The tin is also quite iconic, since the packaging design has not changed since its creation in 1951.

  • Multi-colored opaque rubber bands in a collectible tin
  • Includes the colors: light blue, light green, orange, pink, red, violet, yellow and chocolate
  • Contains approximately 200 rubber bands
  • Size #16 (2.4" flat before stretching)
  • Also available in O'Band Rubber Bands - Classic Tan

About Kyowa

Kyowa Limited began in 1923 in Osaka, Japan as a manufacturer of bicycle tires and tubes. They have since expanded to developing packing materials, medical products, tire products, and electrical wire products. Their products are not necessarily stylish or flashy, but their brand exists in many everyday products. O'Band rubber bands were born when the bicycle tubes were cut in round slices and have been beloved by customers ever since.