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The Superior Labor Leather Roll Pen Case - Yoseka Green

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Made for us by The Superior Labor, our Leather Roll Pen Case in Yoseka Green comes with four pocket slots giving you plenty of room to store your favorite tools and the writing instruments that inspire you in your daily life. The leather is flexible and sturdy, meant to last a lifetime and become more lustrous with use.

Our word this year is Home. In Yoseka and the stationery community, Neil and I have found our own home, a place we dreamt up and built together tiny piece by tiny piece with the help of many hands along the way. Here, we’ve found someplace where we can feel inspired by the constant flow of creativity around us; where we feel daily joy brought to us by countless kindnesses shown by friends in the community; a space where we feel safe to pursue our wildest goals and dreams; and here at Yoseka, we find all those great things many only feel in the comfort of their own homes. 

We developed this Yoseka Green Leather Roll Pen Case to be a home for your 由申甲 Yoseka Fountain Pens, but we hope any of your favorite everyday carry tools will be happy in this case.

The case is designed so that, when unrolled, you can have a clear view of all your tools. The leather will soften and darken with use, transforming into your own unique belonging that fits your pens just right. The case closes with a brass buckle that serves as a functional and beautiful accent. 

Because each case is individually crafted from organic leather, no two cases are the same. There will be individual differences in the color, thickness, and texture of the leather.

  • Dimensions: 10.6" (27cm) x 11.8" (30cm) when laid flat with upper flap closed
  • Buckle closure
  • Material: Oiled cow leather, brass buckle
  • Fits approximately 10-12 writing instruments

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