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YOSEKALAB Two-Month Weekly Planner

The YOSEKALAB Two-Month Weekly Planner was designed by Bethany and Amy, who originally aimed to create a kind of weekly layout sampler to help users find their ideal planner. After researching existing planners, this idea grew into this planner: a self-contained short-term planner that can be used to choose a planner but also to plan large projects, record travels, and find creative ways to engage with planning, journaling, and the stationery community.

The YOSEKALAB Two-Month Weekly Planner contains three monthly and ten weekly spreads in varying formats. The three monthly spreads each feature a different format: Standard, Vertical Gantt (based on Bushimen's PAL), and Horizontal Gantt (based on Art Print Japan's Visualife Planner). The ten weekly spreads feature six different designs: Vertical Schedule, Horizontal + Memo, Vertical + Memo, Horizontal Quadrant, Vertical Quadrant (Divided), and Vertical Quadrant (Memo). Each layout appears twice, aside from the two Vertical Quadrant spreads (based on Bushimen's PAL and the OURS Research Project Journal), so that users can try out spreads multiple times, perhaps with new approaches, and decide which they prefer—nothing has to be perfect on the first try.

We chose a range of monthly and weekly formats, some more popular and some more niche, to give users options that encourage experimentation and stimulate curiosity. We hope you enjoy experimenting, and feel free to share with the hashtag #YOSEKALAB —we'd love to see how you use your planner! 


  • Size: B6 (12.5cm x 17.6cm / 4.9in x 6.9in)
  • 68gsm Tomoe River paper
  • 180 gsm FSC kraft paper cover
  • 3.7mm grid 
  • Monday to Sunday
  • 32 numbered pages (includes 3 two-page monthly spreads, 10 two-page weekly spreads, 4 grid memo pages)
  • 4-page insert includes a table of contents + usage guide and planner matrix (NOTE: Due to a printing error, part of the planner matrix has been cut off and the graph is misaligned. Please see the PDF version on this product page and our forthcoming blog post instead!)
  • Made in Taiwan
  • Guide to YOSEKALAB Two-Month Weekly Planner
  • More Yoseka Special Projects

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