Yoseka 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

Yoseka 2021 Holiday Gift Guide
With Thanksgiving around the corner, this means the winter holidays will be here any day now as well so join us as we dust off our coziest ugliest sweaters, take out our hot cocoa mugs (we all have one of these right?) and unwrap those festive holiday washi tapes and stickers we've been waiting months to use for present-wrapping. If you're in need of some gift-giving inspiration this year for that stationery-loving friend in your life, we hope this list can get you thinking!

Paper, Notebooks and Planners

Hobonichi Planner

Our most popular planner by far, Hobonichi Planners are the number one planner in Japan and it's easy to see why. They come with beautiful paper, entertaining quotes at the bottom of each daily page and the whole planner fits easily into a pocket, purse or backpack. 

Midori 3, 5, and 10 Year Diaries

If someone in your life loves to journal or scrapbook and generally just enjoys the practice of looking back on memories, or if you know somebody who just began a new phase of their life, these Midori multi-year diaries may be the perfect gift! 

Hobonichi 5-Year Diary

Love the idea of a 5-year diary but looking for a different aesthetic? Try these Hobonichi 5 Year Diaries in A5 and A6 sizes. They are absolutely beautiful and once complete, the beauty of the book really lives up to all the memories you'll have kept on the inside. The way the diary is formatted, you write a few lines each day every year for five years. As you write, you'll be writing on the same page as the year before so that you'll be able to reflect back on your time as you write in it. 

Traveler's Notebook

 A customizable leather notebook that can be used and replenished forever, and the leather will develop a unique patina with use. Watch our video introducing these Yoseka favorites if you have any questions about how they work. 

Stalogy Editor's Series Notebooks

One of our best-selling notebooks, Stalogy Editor's Series notebooks come with a durable yet flexible and lightweight cover and they are beloved for how versatile they are. Whether being used as a notebook simply for jotting down notes, or as a planner, bullet journal or diary, the Editor's Series notebooks make a great gift for many purposes. 

Cosmo Note Notebook

A relative newcomer that's picking up steam among the notebook and fountain pen community, Cosmo Note comes bound with Cosmo Air Light paper, which we love for its ability to show off shading and sheening qualities in fountain pen inks. If there's someone in your life who loves writing and trying out new notebooks, this one will be sure to impress them. 

Five Metal Shop 2022 Calendar

A bright and fun daily tear-away calendar that can be hung up on a wall, this calendar will be perfect for the person in your life who appreciates colorful modern designs paired with useful tools.

Himekuri 2022 Calendars

These Himekuri calendars are a fun take on the classic tear-away calendars. Since each date comes with a removable adhesive backing (like a post-it), instead of tearing off each date and disposing of the paper, you can keep each date sticker and use it in your journal, diary or planner. With many fun and cute designs to choose from, it'll be easy to find the perfect one for the stationery-lover in your life whether they have a sweet tooth, have a love of photography or appreciate a straightforward simple design. 

Pens, Pencils and Fountain Pens

FriXion Kese Lame

Erasable glitter pastel pens made to sparkle like the snow! Need we say more? Not really, but these are amazing for writing in holiday cards, noting down special dates in your planner during the holidays and the fun will continue to New Year's and all throughout the next year!

Pilot Metropolitan

This is an excellent gift for anyone who loves writing, prefers putting pen to paper, and has been thinking about getting a fountain pen for the first time. In our store, we often recommend Pilot Metropolitan to a first time fountain pen user because it is a great pen that feels elegant and well-made due to its professional appearance and weighty barrel. It comes with a cartridge of black ink and a converter, perfect for someone ready to dabble with bottled inks. 

TWSBI Diamond Mini 

This fountain pen would be a great gift for someone relatively new to fountain pens and even an experienced long-time fountain pen user. It's a wonderful size that's very comfortable for writing even for long periods of time, and so easy to fill and maintain. The cap is easy to post with the threading on the back and like all TWSBIs, it holds so much ink that it very rarely dries out. Any fountain pen user would be delighted to get this pen as a gift.

ystudio Classic Fountain Pen

ystudio makes beautiful writing instruments made of brass and copper, and to celebrate their 10th anniversary, they released the Classic Fountain Pen in a stunning body of weighted brass and covered in matte brassing finish or raw brass finish. This is definitely a fountain pen for the one in your life with an appreciation for the finer things in life.

Sailor Pro Gear Slim - Shikiori - Sound of Rain 

One of this year's most highly anticipated releases for us, the Sailor Pro Gear Slim - Shikiori - Sound of Rain series debuted Sailor's 21k gold nib in a smaller size nib to fit the slim body of these elegant pens. These beautiful matte sandblast-finish bodies come with transparent glitter finials and will be a great gift for the fountain pen collector in your life. 

Pilot S30

For the mechanical pencil lover in your life, we recommend the very cool newly-released Pilot S30 that comes with a wooden body in four elegant colors: Black, Dark Brown, Brown and Deep Red.

SARASA Grand Pen - Vintage Color Series 

A simple and classic gel pen that writes so smoothly. It's low maintenance and refillable making it a perfect fit for students who take a lot of notes and also great for use in a professional office setting. The ink color matches the color of the outside of the pen so they'll be able to take notes in fun colors other than black.

This ink comes in a gorgeous handmade glass bottle and the bottle can be reused later on with other inks. 

Diamine Inkvent Calendar

Give the gift of festive ink colors in a fun advent calendar your recipient can open throughout the holiday season! 

Sailor Ink Studio 

With an impressive 100 ink colors in this collection, you can choose the exact perfect shade for your recipient! 

Yoseka No. 01 由 Origin Ink

Had to slip this one in here! Our very first ink that we made with our Origin release earlier this May. For the ink collector in your life.



Gekkoso Leather Pencil Case 

A beautifully made pen pouch made of soft leather for someone's most precious pens!

Marble Pen/Desk Trays

These add a really cute retro vibe to a desk.

Classiky Wood Boxes

Classiky's Toga Wood Boxes are available in the Small Box size and the larger Desk Tools size. If you have a friend who already has many of the items on our list, they will love this beautiful box they can use to store their beloved collection of stationery. 

Tools to Liveby Scissors

Available in Gold and Matte Black, these classy and seriously sharp scissors will be the perfect thing to complete a beautiful deskscape!

    For more gift ideas, check out our Gifts section! Happy Holidays and hope everyone stays safe, healthy and happy this holiday season!

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