Tools to Liveby Fountain Pen Ink

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Designed with French elegance in mind, this glass bottle is handmade by a Taiwanese master. Each glass bottle contains an ingenious marble filling mechanism. While holding the cap and tilting the bottle at an angle, the upper glass tube fills with ink. The ink remains in the upper glass reservoir with the glass marble preventing the ink from returning to the lower chamber. This special design allows for easy ink access for fountain pen dipping.

Each bottle contains KWZ Iron Gall Ink. These inks are meticulously formulated by Polish ink master, Konrad Zurawski. Iron gall inks have been used for centuries - originally produced by mixing tannic acid, primarily extracted from oak trees, and ferrous sulphate. Modern day iron gall inks are designed with fountain pens in mind. As opposed to most other fountain pen inks, iron gall inks darken both over time and once dried on paper. The unique chemical reaction that occurs once iron gall inks meet paper renders them highly resistant to fading.

It is recommended that iron gall ink be used with fountain pens that are used frequently.

  • 30ml
  • Glass bottle
  • Fade resistant / Waterproof
  • KWZ Iron Gall Ink
  • Bottle dimensions: 1.65 in (4.2 cm) x 1.65 in (4.2 cm) x 4.52 in (11.5 cm)
  • Ink colors darken over time
  • Available in Red, Green, and Blue Black

    About Tools to Liveby:

    Tools to Liveby is a Taiwanese stationery brand. Well known for their minimalistic aesthetic and vintage design, they are master curators of stationery and lifestyle items from around the world.