Pilot S30 Drafting Mechanical Pencil - 0.5mm

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Pilot S30 Drafting Mechanical Pencil. The S Series Drafting mechanical pencils include S3, S5, S10, S20 and S30. The pencils in the S Series have the same body shape and compatible components. At higher lines in the S Series, the components are swapped with better materials and more sophisticated mechanism to provide a different design.

The S30 is the latest addition to the S Series. It's an upgrade from the S20 with a combination of wooden body as well as the auto lead advancing mechanism from Pilot Automac. The auto advance mechanism is enclosed inside metallic core, which naturally adds lower center of gravity to the pencil. The body of S30 is covered with birch wood enriched in resin. It's durable and provides a warming feeling to your hand than a typical metal body. 

Pilot's auto advance mechanism doesn’t require any extra action to advance the lead. In another word, you can continue to write without clicking once for the whole lead. In 1980’s, Pilot, Pentel and UNI all came out with their own version of auto advance pencil. In 2011, Pilot re-introduced the auto advance mechanism with Pilot Automac Mechanical, but unfortunately, Automac was discontinued in 2021 along with the introduction of S30.

  • Pilot S30
  • Lead size: 0.5mm
  • Lead indicator
  • Wooden body
  • Auto advance mechanism
  • Low center of gravity

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