MD, Mnemosyne, Rhodia -

Hi everyone! Small update on A4 pad listings on our online shop! We have decided to take MD, Mnemosyne and Rhodia A4 pads down from our web shop. Unfortunately, due to the size and weight, they are difficult to ship and quite susceptible to damage along the way so for now, they will remain in-store products only. So sorry for the inconvenience!

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MD -

Hi everyone! Here with a not so recent MD Cotton Notebook update. While MD Cotton Notebooks were originally available in A5, A6 and B6 slim, an update in February of 2020 replaced these sizes with new F0 and F2 sizes. So for those of you wondering when those A5, A6 or B6 Slim MD Cotton Notebooks will ever come back in stock, we have some sad news for you, unfortunately, but not to worry because the paper is still available in their F0 Cotton Notebook and F2 Cotton Notebook! 

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himekuri, MD -

It's beginning to look a lot like planner season!!! Himekuri Sticky Calendars and MD Planners for 2022 are now available for pre-order. Any orders containing pre-order items will ship once all items have arrived so if you'd like your non pre-order items to ship out first, make sure to place two separate orders. Have you checked out our new "Coming Soon" tab? Here's where all of our pre-orders will be listed! Hope this helps make your stationery shopping a bit easier :) Also newly published, Kutsuwa K'Zool, T'Gaal and 2'Maiba sharpeners. After seeing Meagan's in action during her Inside My...

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