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Bande, Kaweco, Plain Stationery, Tools to Liveby -

This week, we are working on adding lots of new things. The two new brands we are introducing are Plain Stationery and Tools to Liveby. Both of them are from Taiwan, and are makers of lots of fun stationery.In the past week, we received a new Kaweco Collector series in Lavender, and in next few days, lots of Bande are getting restocked and we will be adding some new designs as well. Plain StationeryTools to LivebyKaweco Collector LavenderBande

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Kaweco, Midori -

This week we added Kaweco Sport Fountain Pen Collectors Edition Coral. The color is voted and picked by a popular facebook group. It's also one of the great thing we love about Kaweco. Some of the recent Perkeo colors are also voted by customers. There's also another color vote going on for new Perkeo : ) Midori letterpress notes carries the same design as their letterpress letterset. Letterpress NotesKaweco Sport Fountain Pen - Collectors Edition - Coral

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