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We added several new products recently such as Plain Stationery "Meowmo" Pads, more varieties of KITTA washi tape, and Pavilio Lace Tape. Let's dive in to what makes these products special and introduce a few more! . Plain Stationery "Meowmo" Pads “Meowmo” is a mash up of the words “meow” and “memo”. Receiving a note on one of these “meowmos” are bound to make anyone (especially cat lovers) smile!   KITTA Portable Washi Tape - New Clear and Fluorescent Styles We have been big fans of KITTA washi tape since they first arrived in the shop, and we are happy to announce...

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Furukawa Paper, Kenelephant, King Jim -

Goodbye 2020, hello 2021! To welcome the new year, we've added lots of fun stationery that we're so excited to share with you. We're absolutely obsessed with how cute these miniature stationery supplies keychains are! It's like having a little bit of happiness in your pocket with you wherever you go. Each box contains one mini surprise item that's chosen at random!   For decorating all those extra mason jars and letter stationery, these clear SODA decorative tapes help to add a fun and unique flare.  These Furukawa Paper Retro Diary Mini Letter Sets are made using Mino washi paper, a...

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