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Today we added lots of new Kitta including restocking the clear Kitta. Lots of the new styles are older versions, but they are new to Yoseka. Together we added total of 35 different styles! In the following days, we will also be adding the folder and boxes for storing Kitta tapes. Stay tuned!Check them out here

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FriXion, Kitta -

Recently, we added new Kitta washi tape booklets and new FriXion pens and noticed a new trend that we are loving: clear stationery! The beautiful new Kitta designs include some pretty and colorful patterns on clear backgrounds, which look amazing when applied on paper since you can put them over other prints and text and let them peak through the clear sections. We love the new style!  Also new in clear stationery are FriXion slim pens and FriXion multipens in clear bodies. We love a good demonstrator pen and these are no different :) Check them out here in our new...

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