Yoseka 2022 Holiday Gift Guide

Yoseka 2022 Holiday Gift Guide

With November sneaking up on us this year so quickly, December and the holidays will be here in no time at all! For this year’s Holiday Gift Guide, I thought I’d do something different and organize not by category but by interest! So if there’s a fountain pen lover, a stationery aficionado, a letter-writing pen pal or just a pen addict in your life, you may find some gift ideas for them on this list, just in time for the holidays.

Fountain Pen Lover

1. Diamine Inkvent Calendar 2022

Give the gift of festive ink colors in a fun advent calendar they can open throughout the holiday season. This is Diamine’s 3rd annual Invent calendar and this year’s features shimmering, sheening, scented, chameleon and standard inks.

2. TWSBI Eco Glow Purple

A Glow in the Dark fountain pen from TWSBI, one of our favorite brands! This fountain pen is great for anyone from a beginner to an experienced fountain pen user due to its large ink capacity and easy to use piston filling mechanism. You’ll need to include a bottle of ink since this pen doesn’t include ink and is not compatible with cartridges. 
Purple not their color? Try the ECO Glow Green

3. BUNGUBOX Magic of Alice -small world-

The BUNGUBOX Sailor exclusive pen was released earlier this year as a continuation of their Alice in Wonderland inspired series of pens. This iteration comes on the Sailor Pro Gear Slim Mini body and is available in a full range of nib sizes. For the fountain pen collector in your life!

4. Yoseka Ceramics Inks

We debuted our series of Ceramics inks earlier this year. Created in collaboration with Chinese ceramic artist Li Yanxun and made for us by Ink Institute from Taiwan, this collection of inks is inspired by some of the prominent ceramic glazes that were used on Chinese pottery throughout the different ancient dynasties. Most popular colors in this collection are Tang Mi Se Blue, Ming Kong Que Blue and Qing Shan Hu Red.

5. Hobonichi Plain Notebook 

Fountain pen lovers across the world have been mourning the discontinuation of the beloved Tomoe River Paper that was confirmed earlier this year, but luckily, there is still plenty of it left, hidden away in these Hobonichi Plain Notebooks. It isn’t exactly a secret that Hobonichi uses Tomoe River Paper, but many people might not realize that their Plain Notebooks comes with TRP as well. 

6. Kakimori Brass Nib and Holder

When Kakimori released their brass nib and nib holder last year, they took the stationery world by storm and everyone has been loving them. Whether using the versatile nib for drawing or swatching ink colors out, these have been one of our most popular products this past year. 

Stationery Obsessed

1. Hobonichi Planner

Our most popular planner by far, Hobonichi Planners are the number one planner in Japan and it's easy to see why. They come with beautiful paper, entertaining quotes at the bottom of each daily page and the whole planner fits easily into a pocket, purse or backpack. 

2. Stalogy Editor's Series Notebooks

One of the most popular notebooks we have, the Stalogy Editor’s Series Notebooks are simple yet functional with a clean look and design that can work in professional settings and for personal use. It can double as a daily planner or simply be used as a notebook for notes. The light grey grid provides the perfect amount of structure that can also be easily ignored and drawn over. This is a notebook that all notebook aficionados should try at least once!

3. Hitotoki Sticker Collection Books

For those in your life who already have an impressive collection of stickers and washi tapes, they might have a lot of fun with the next step in stationery addiction: organizing their collection! These Hitotoki Collection books are perfect for just that. Whether your gift recipient hoards sticker sheets or preciously collects rolls of washi tape, or even if it’s flake stickers that are their weakness, there is a Collection Book for them that will help them organize, store and in some cases, catalogue their collection.

4. Classiky Toga Wood Box

These handmade Toga Wood boxes from Classiky are beautifully made with love and care. If you have a friend with a voracious appetite for cute little things, they’ll love this slightly larger cute little thing to store all their other cute little things. 

5. Midori Embroidery Bookmark

One of the cutest stationery inventions that we’ve seen all year! This is a clip-on bookmark tassel string that can be attached to the cover or back/front page of any notebook to add functionality in the form of an adorable animal page tassel. 

6. Hobonichi 5-Year Diary

Love the idea of a 5-year diary but looking for a different aesthetic? Try these Hobonichi 5 Year Diaries in A5 and A6 sizes. They are absolutely beautiful and once complete, the beauty of the book really lives up to all the memories you'll have kept on the inside. The way the diary is formatted, you write a few lines each day every year for five years. As you write, you'll be writing on the same page as the year before so that you'll be able to reflect back on your time as you write in it. 

7. Midori 3, 5, and 10 Year Diaries

If someone in your life loves to journal or scrapbook and generally just enjoys the practice of looking back on memories, or if you know somebody who just began a new phase of their life, these Midori multi-year diaries may be the perfect gift! 

8. Himekuri 2023 Calendars

These Himekuri calendars are a fun take on the classic tear-away calendars. Since each date comes with a removable adhesive backing (like a post-it), instead of tearing off each date and disposing of the paper, you can keep each date sticker and use it in your journal, diary or planner. With many fun and cute designs to choose from, it'll be easy to find the perfect one for the stationery-lover in your life whether they have a sweet tooth, have a love of photography or appreciate a straightforward simple design. 

Letter-Writing Pen Pal

1. Kakimori Letter Set


The most elegant and refined letter writing set you've ever seen, and we love the all paper packaging that can be reused as a folder. 

2. Kaweco Sport Fountain Pen

The Kaweco Sport fountain pen is appreciated by many in the stationery community and is a popular choice for someone's first fountain pen. In our store, they are a best-seller because of how convenient they are in their pocket-pen dimensions and how cute the colors are! If you have a pen pal who loves their letter-writing routines, this fountain pen may be just the thing to upgrade their ritual and make it even more enjoyable.

3. Classiky Postcard Case 

This stunning chestnut wood box stores about 200 postcards and comes with a handy divider that can be used to separate received and unused postcards to be sent out. The magnetized corners ensure a tight and secure closure, not to mention very satisfying snapping shut of the box. 

4. MU Print-On Stickers

Any letter writer knows that half the fun is writing the letter and the other half is decorating the letter. With MU Print-On Stickers, you can decorate to you heart's content and the end result is a design that looks drawn/painted directly on and one that won't add any additional weight to your mail.

5. G.C. Press Letter Pads 

Adorable letterpress and gold/silver-foil printed letter writing papers on delicately made paper pads. Any letter writer will feel inspired to put pen to paper when they see these.

Notebook Collector

1. Traveler's Notebook

 A customizable leather notebook that can be used and replenished forever, and the leather will develop a unique patina with use. Watch our video introducing these Yoseka favorites if you have any questions about how they work.

2. Leuchtturm Dot Grid

The notebook when it comes to bullet journaling, Leuchtturm's Dot Grid notebooks come with plenty of pages, each numbered so that you can fill in the table of contents in the front. The durable hardcover and elastic closure strap make it suitable to throw in a jam-packed backpack without getting too beat up by other books. This is a notebook that every notebook enthusiast should try at least once!

3. Kokuyo Sketch Book

This charming pocket notebook has a retro look that's actually retro. It was first released in Japan in 1959 after the war, for engineers to use as a field surveillance notebook. The hardcover makes it perfect for writing on the go and its unique look and brightly colored covers make them easy to spot right away when you need to jot something down quick!

4. Hightide Password Book

Truly, one of my best purchases this year :) I look forward to using it every chance I get and it's already paid off in saving me from countless password resets.

Pen/Pencil Addict

1. Uni Jetstream Multi Pen

Uni released this Jetstream 3-color multi pen earlier this year and we have been loving it! This pen gives you 70% more black ink than the other colors because black is the most commonly used color. The black ink is also the center knock, which means you can find it easily and without having to turn the pen all around. Jetstream ink is also one of the best to write with due to its quick dry time and silky smooth writing experience, making this pen our pick for an amazing gift for the pen addict in your life.

2. SARASA Grand Pen - Vintage Color Series 

A simple and classic gel pen that writes so smoothly. It's low maintenance and refillable making it a perfect fit for students who take a lot of notes and also great for use in a professional office setting. The ink color matches the color of the outside of the pen so they'll be able to take notes in fun colors other than black.

3. Caran d’Ache Fixpencil

One of the coolest looking mechanical pencils that comes with a 2.0mm lead just like you would get with a standard wooden pencil. The matte black design is sleek and very modern for a pencil that was originally designed in the 1920s!

4. Kaweco Sketch Up 

A great pencil for artists, the Kaweco Sketch Up pencil comes loaded with a 5.6mm lead that produces a thick and dark line for sketching. It can be used on its side for an even darker line for coloring and shading in. The metal lead holder gives the pencil a great weight and balance in the hand, making it a classy and special gift for the artist in your life. 

5. ystudio Classic Rollerball Pen

ystudio Classic Rollerball makes quite a statement on your desk. Its design is simple but the brass material speaks for itself and as the pen ages and acquires its unique patina, it will add just the right touch of elegance and design to your desk.


For more gift ideas, check out our Gifts section! Happy Holidays and hope everyone stays safe, healthy and happy this holiday season!

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