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Special addition to our 2.0mm mechanical pencil collection is Fixpencil by Caran D’Ache. One thing we love about 2.0 lead pencil is how easy it is to carry around. Once you hide the lead, the tip would never accidentally poke through your pocket or pencil case. Sometimes, 0.5mm mechanical pencil has that problem because the tip is so pointy. I like to carry Fixpencil around in my bag where the few pen holders are. Sounds a little specific : ) but Fixpencil is strong to handle all the collisions. Those spots are reserved for either my every pens/pencils or under emergency, I know where I can find the most reliable pens/pencils. Well, also, the clip really helps to keep it there. 2.0mm lead might seems a little odd for some people, but it’s not an uncommon size. It’s the lead size for your typical pencil. Fixpencil was created in 1929 with the vision to write like a pencil without sharpening or replacing different pencil every time. The same vision that you will find Fixpencil light to hold, shapes hexagonally like a pencil, and comes with a lead sharpener under it’s cap. It’s the first lead holder to use the push and clutch mechanism. The style is classic. It hasn’t changed much since 1929, and you can find the same style in Caran D’Ache’s 849 ball point pens.