Introducing Yoseka Notebook Slim

Introducing Yoseka Notebook Slim

Introducing Yoseka Notebook Slim. Many of you are familiar with our Yoseka Notebook, which started as a big project three years ago before we opened our shop, and it has been the main testing book at the center of our shop. Yoseka Notebooks come with exposed binding, quality paper and simple cover. They are simple, in the rawest and the most reduced form for a notebook. They are made for writing. This slim version comes with thinner cover and both blank and dot grid versions. Hope you guys like it!

Yoseka Notebook Slim is a trimmed down version of our original Yoseka Notebook released in 2018. Our original Yoseka Notebook is a great desktop notebook, and many of you have tried it during your trips to the store. It can always be found lying open on our main display table nestled among all of our tester fountain pens. For this version of our Yoseka Notebook, we envisioned a lighter edition that would be more portable and easier for bringing around with you everyday. 

Due to paper shortage from our source, for this version, the paper in Yoseka Slim is a slightly different variation from the original paper used in Yoseka Notebook.

Dot Grid and Blank versions

Yoseka Notebook (left) vs Yoseka Notebook Slim (right)

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  • Kevin

    The new slim notebook is great – nice paper choice, pages lay flat, good size. Will it fit inside a Midori paper A5 cover? Thank you

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