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Yoseka Notebook - Slim

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Yoseka Notebook - Slim is a trimmed down version of our original Yoseka Notebook released in 2018. Our original Yoseka Notebook is a great desktop notebook, and many of you have tried it during your trips to the store. It can always be found lying open on our main display table nestled among all of our tester fountain pens. For this version of our Yoseka Notebook, we envisioned a lighter edition that would be more portable and easier for bringing around with you everyday. 
The cover is still a simple cement gray cardboard cover, but it is lighter, bendier and more flexible making it more travel friendly. Additionally, each notebook is now thinner and lighter, with fewer pages, allowing you to carry one very easily in your bag or even two without adding a significant weight. Bound with the same traditional binding that is evident along the notebook's naked spine, each signature is made with just 6 sheets of paper (or 3 larger sheets folded), allowing Yoseka Notebook - Slim to lie flat as you write so you can write continuously and let your ideas flow freely.
The Yoseka Notebook - Slim is now available in plain/unlined paper or a 5mm dot grid pattern. With the dot grid pattern, each page features four emboldened dots, centered along the page's top, bottom and side edges. These dots are meant for allowing you to draw lines across and break up the page in halves vertically or horizontally, or in fourths, giving you more options for taking notes.
Just like our original Yoseka Notebook, our Slim Notebook is made for writing, and it's a celebration of Taiwanese craftsmanship.
  • Two notebooks per pack
  • Cardstock Cover
  • A5: 5.8" x 8.3"
  • 64 pages
  • Made in Taiwan
  • Note: Due to paper shortage from our source, for this version, the paper in Yoseka Slim is a slightly different variation from the original paper used in Yoseka Notebook.

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