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Yoseka Notebook is a beautifully-made, simplistic notebook with a cement grey cardboard hardcover.

The pages are unlined and are made of high quality fountain pen friendly paper. The Yoseka paper was designed for fountain pen use, which means it encourages a quick dry and it perfectly reflects the sheen of the pen ink with minimal bleeding.

In 2018, we made our first notebook with Conifer, a Taiwanese company that has been making notebooks since 1955. In the past few years, they started working on some interesting papers. Their notepad - 習慣寫字 (The Habit of Writing) - sits at the center of our pen testing table. The Habit of Writing notepad uses their first version of paper called KBU, and the notepad is an iconic notepad that represents the writing trend in Taiwan in recent years. Earlier 2018, they came out with KBU2 - a smoother, thicker paper that’s more suitable for writing on both sides, which we ended up picking for our notebook. Yoseka Notebook is an improvement on top of Conifer’s Original series with a more rigorous binding and simpler design. If you take away the durable cardboard cover, the notebook is all about the paper and the naked binding. It’s made for writing, and a celebration of Taiwanese craftsmanship.
  • Hardcover
  • A5: 5.8" x 8.3"
  • 85gsm
  • Non Acidic
  • 224 Unlined Pages
  • FSC certified
  • Made in Taiwan
  • 2021/05/28 Update: We received our final shipment of Yoseka Notebooks and the notebooks are now discontinued. For more information, you can read our blogpost here. 


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