MD Notebook Journal - A5 - Grid Block

Grid Block is the newest edition of the MD Notebook Journals, previously available in Frame and Dot Grid. 

In this new one week per two-page spread type, each page is divided into four sections.

With eight sections in a two-page spread, there are sections for each day of the week plus one blank section.

These pages can be used in a variety of ways —plan your days by hour or make a to-do list with bullet points to make your diary your own.

It also comes with MD Paper index stickers.

MD Notebook by Midori, a Japanese company that specializes in paper since 1960. Other than the small embossing of MD Paper, the notebook is simplistic and perhaps plain. Midori wants to emphasize the quality of the paper and your writing experience. The pen glides on the paper, and the paper does not bleed, ghost and feather. The touch and feel of the texture of the paper and the cover cannot convey through picture. We encourage you to come try them out in person with us.