Kakimori Nib Holder - White Sakura Wood

This nib holder is crafted from the sapwood of Japanese cherry, and is beautifully finished with a whitish, blanched color. The center heartwood of a cherry tree has a redder color when compared to the sapwood section, in which nib holders made out of red wood would become the popular Kakimori Nib Holder - Sakura Wood. These White Sakura Wood nib holders are carefully sorted out by hand, and are brought to you as a different color option by Kakimori. 

    About Kakimori:

    Located in downtown Tokyo, Japan, Kakimori boasts a deep connection with its neighborhood and customers. They value the importance of storytelling and the joy associated with handcrafted goods and handwriting. They emphasize a state of coexistence with the four major elements — air, water, earth, and soil — and employ these ideals in each of their products. Their flagship store is well known and loved for their custom fountain pen ink and custom notebook services, which lets customers mix and assemble their own unique tools for writing.