Fonte Brush Pen (Pen Body Only)

Fonte Pen was first released in February 2019 in Japan by Nippon 日本出版販売株式会社 under the brand "Hmmm!?STATIONERY". It comes in clear body so that the color of the ink inside can be seen; and the word "Fonte" comes from Italian word for "spring", with the image of ink gushing out from the nib just like a fountain. The pen gained popularity in Japan in 2019 as a starter fountain pen, and in 2022 Nippon released additional tip options such as brush, rollerball and glass nib for different ink users. The pen is a rebranded model of Jinhao 992 with a snap cap, and it's great for trying out different inks!
  • Note, this only comes with pen body with a simple cap for tip protection. Separate pen cap with more color options are available here.
  • Fill Mechanism: Cartridge/Converter (International)
  • Comes with one converter
  • Available in Fonte Brush Pen, Rollerball Pen, Fountain Pen and Glass Pen.


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