Yoseka x Sailor - 甲 Home Fountain Pen

8/7/23 Update: The received batch of our 甲 Home Fountain Pens came with a lighter gold trim and single color nib rather than bi-color nib that was photographed in our product listing. We are working with Sailor on how to resolve this issue. Everyone who ordered a Home Pen should have received an email with more news to come on how to return your pen to replace the hardware and nib. Please read our blogpost for more information. Our Home pens will be available to order again once we receive the corrected pens back from the Sailor factory around the end of the year.


甲 Home Fountain Pen is the third and final piece of our three-part 由申甲 namesake series of fountain pens. Beginning in 2020, our team began to think about this series and our first pen, 由 Origin Fountain Pen was released in 2021. This pen was dedicated to all of our earliest partners that made Yoseka possible. In 2022, we released 申 Refresh Fountain Pen to celebrate the growth of Yoseka in the year since our first pen had been created thanks to our team and our customers. 

The 甲 Home Fountain Pen is a celebration of dreams and the gratitude we feel for being able to build the home of our dreams at Yoseka.