Yoseka Home Pen discoloration error

Yoseka Home Pen discoloration error

You may have heard from our earlier posts that we discovered a problem with our Home pens. Yesterday afternoon, we began to receive emails from a handful of customers who had just received their pre-orders and had noticed a discoloration in the trim and a difference in the nib. In all of our photos and videos featuring the Home pen, we had used the prototype model we received from the Sailor factory because the pens had not been produced yet. This model (and our design) featured a bicolor nib and standard gold trim, but all the Home pens we received and sent out had a single color gold nib and gold trim, but the gold trim is dull when compared with a typical Sailor gold trim pen.

The next morning (early today), we went in and confirmed that unfortunately, all of our Home pens did have this discoloration and manufacturing error. We have since paused shipping on all Home pens.

We are now in close contact with Sailor to see how they would like to resolve this issue. We have proposed that they take back all our existing stock of pens and repair them with the correct bicolored nib and gold accents (including any customer who would like to send back for repair/replacement). So far, it looks like the Sailor factory has agreed to this, but the logistics of how the pens will be shipped back to Japan is yet to be determined so we’ll be sharing more on that when we have additional information through emails.

In the end, it’s really hard having to tell you that the pen you thought you ordered is not quite the one you will be receiving, especially when honest representations and explanations of our products is something we really value. We are so sorry for this error and inconvenience. More to come as soon as we have more share. Thank you all much for reading this and for being part of our release.



  • Zac

    I like the dull, whiter looking gold, by accident you have more created two unicorn pens from those few who keep the "new"ones and those who wait for the “original” design…I truly special "home"pen for sure lol

  • Ashley

    I don’t have the home pen, I ordered the refresh pen (she’s a beauty). I just had to comment that I really like the dull color on these. I have the pink hagi sailor pgs and it has the same “dull” gold, I love it! I’ve Always preferred silver hardware on my fountain pens but the duller gold is so unique! All this to say, maybe for some… it won’t be a loss?

  • Marjorie

    I think you should keep the “wrong” batch, or at least some of then. If I could buy one, I’d the lighter colored of them…

  • Holly West

    I don’t mind it at all. I actually kinda like it. I’ll be keeping the pen I originally received, but thank you for your honesty!

  • danny chan

    now looking at the color difference, i think the discoloration the dull gold trim makes it very unique. i like it. can we still order the dull gold trim if preferred. thanks.

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