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Yoseka x Sailor - 甲 Home Pro Gear Fountain Pen

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甲 Home Fountain Pen is the third and final piece of our three-part 由申甲 namesake series of fountain pens. Beginning in 2020, our team began to think about this series and our first pen, 由 Origin Fountain Pen was released in 2021. This pen was dedicated to all of our earliest partners that made Yoseka possible. In 2022, we released 申 Refresh Fountain Pen to celebrate the growth of Yoseka in the year since our first pen had been created thanks to our team and our customers.  

This year, our finale 甲 Fountain Pen is inspired by the idea of home. In Yoseka and the stationery community, Neil and I have found our own home, a place we dreamt up and built together tiny piece by tiny piece with the help of many hands along the way. Here, we’ve found someplace where we can feel inspired by the constant flow of creativity around us; where we feel daily joy brought to us by countless kindnesses shown by friends in the community; a space where we feel safe to pursue our wildest goals and dreams; and here at Yoseka, we find all those great things many only feel in the comfort of their own homes. 

This pen is called “Home” because that is the word that perfectly encapsulates how we feel about Yoseka. It is the same feeling we feel honored to bring you as you sit down to your desk to use your favorite stationery and creative tools. 

甲 Home Fountain Pen was designed by Ashley. If you know her, you know her colors are neutrals–from her clothes to her stationery–and she’ll be the first to tell you she even loves her foods to be beige. The 甲 Home Fountain Pen comes with gold trim and a bi-color gold and rhodium plated nib. Its four colors come from its transparent cap with small glitter particles that add a light subtle shimmer, creamy beige pearlescent barrel, golden brown pearlescent grip and transparent olive green finials. 

With 甲 Home Fountain Pen, we celebrate the magic that can occur when we are all given the comfort to dream our dreams and the gratitude we feel for being able to build the home of our dreams at Yoseka.

  • Model: Sailor Pro Gear
  • 21K Bi-color Gold Nib
  • Color: Transparent Glitter Cap, Creamy Beige Barrel, Golden Brown Grip and Transparent Olive Finials
  • "甲" Custom finial 
  • Gold trim
  • Fill Mechanism: Cartridge/Converter (Sailor proprietary) 
  • Comes with a converter and a cartridge
  • Limited production
  • More 由申甲 Yoseka Fountain Pen Series
  • 甲 Home Fountain Pen Production Error

由申甲 Yoseka Fountain Pen Series:

      Beginning in 2021, we began our 由申甲 Yoseka Fountain Pen Series. Our first release was the 由 Origin Fountain Pen, a transparent green Sailor Pro Gear Slim with gold glitter particles suspended in the pen cap and barrel. The color of this pen came from the color of Neil’s parents’ stationery store in Taiwan. This pen was dedicated to Yoseka’s earliest partners that helped us open our shop. In 2022, our 申 Refresh Fountain Pen was released. Designed by our first employee, Soraya, Refresh was a celebration of our team members, a group of people we have been fortunate enough to find. We rely on them everyday to create a meaningful experience at Yoseka. In 2023, the final pen in the 由申甲 Yoseka Series was released. The 甲 Home Fountain Pen is a celebration of dreams and the gratitude we feel for being able to build the home of our dreams at Yoseka.

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