Yoseka Stationery Swap and Journaling Meetup - April 6, 2023

Yoseka Stationery Swap and Journaling Meetup - April 6, 2023

Hello everyone! Christine here with an exciting announcement!

On Thursday, April 6th, starting at 5:30pm, we'll be hosting our first Stationery Swap and Journaling Meetup at Yoseka Stationery! This event has two parts to it -- the Stationery Swap part and the Journaling Meetup part. I'll elaborate on both below.

The Stationery Swap is partly inspired by the online stationery community and the common practice within that community of "destashing." When you destash, you share supplies you no longer use with others to make room for more things you will use. It's a great way to creatively recycle your supplies and give new life to your unwanted stationery goodies. For this event, I encourage people to bring any stationery you want to "destash" or share with others to the Stationery Swap. This can be anything from stickers, to washi tape, to pens, to bottled ink, to untouched notebooks. (And yes, I'll personally be bringing some of my stationery collection to share as well!)

The Journaling Meetup is exactly what it sounds like -- you are welcome to bring your planner or journal and decorate pages with everyone's destashed goodies! The Yoseka Sample Station will of course be available to use, as well as our usual pen-testing table and ink bar for ink swatching. It'll be a great opportunity to hang out, learn new techniques and get inspired by other stationery lovers!

Speaking on a personal level, I'm so grateful for the chance to organize this event. Hosting an in-person event like this one has been on my mind since 2020. Besides being starved for human contact back then, I've been thinking a lot about expanding my group of likeminded journaling and planning folks, and really growing that group. It's only recently that I've also found an online community with which to share that hobby, but I've been waiting for the right time to reach out to my local community and organize an in-person event as well.

Pre-2020, I remember spending hours at cafes with friends, setting up our planners for the coming week over cups of coffee and pastries. We'd spread our stuff out over a few tables, and journal while sharing stickers and making washi tape samples for each other. It was so wholesome, and something I really looked forward to. My goal is to share that same feeling with you all.

Through this event, I hope to see new friendships blossom, and stationery goodies get creatively reused. Looking forward to seeing you there!

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