Yoseka Notebook's first official review on Pen Addict

Yoseka Notebook's first official review on Pen Addict

Our logo on Yoseka Notebook. Thank you @penaddict for the great Yoseka Notebook first impression review yesterday! Before listening to the podcast, we were really excited, but also a little nervous. On the podcast, Brad gave really nice words for our notebook — and mentioned how great it works with fountain pens and pencils when he tried it. We were thrilled and moved after the podcast. Looking forward to the more in depth review on different fountain pens in the future. Thank you Cory @penpostings for making the intro and encouraging us to reach out, and thank you for everyone who listened to the podcast and messaged us! You can find the podcast online by searching Pen Addict podcast #351

You can find the notebook here

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  • Donna

    I placed my first order because of the Pen Addict review. I’m now placing my second order. There will be more in the future. Thank you for having quality notebooks for fountain pen users.

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