TRAVELER'S Stamp Caravan at Yoseka Stationery: 4/12-4/16

TRAVELER'S Stamp Caravan at Yoseka Stationery: 4/12-4/16

We are so happy to announce that our shop will be a stop along the route of the TRAVELER'S Stamp Caravan across the states this year!

The Stamp Caravan is a set of stamps designed by TRAVELER'S COMPANY. It is usually found in their flagship store, the TRAVELER'S FACTORY, in Nakameguro, Japan, and it’s for anyone to decorate their journals and write down special memories for each visit. This year, TRAVELER'S COMPANY is sending their Stamp Caravan on a tour around the world, starting off in Europe at the beginning of 2023. 

From March to September of this year, the Caravan will be touring different states and shops, giving those who haven't had the opportunity to travel to Japan yet a chance to stamp in their TRAVELER'S notebooks! For more information on TRAVELER'S Stamp Caravan, check out their website here and here is a schedule of the Stamp Caravan tour this year.

The last time we had the TRAVELER'S Stamp Caravan at Yoseka was back in our Sunnyside shop in Summer 2019 and I have such great memories of stamping in my TRAVELER'S notebook and meeting the most devoted TRAVELER'S notebook users. It was an inspiring event and I'm looking forward to hosting this event again in Yoseka! 

As a special treat, TRAVELER'S has sent us a limited number of adorable stickers to give away during the in-store event!

  • Location: Yoseka Stationery Shop, 63 West Street, Brooklyn, NY 11222
  • Dates: April 12-16, 2023
  • Use TRAVELER'S COMPANY Stamp Caravan stamps for a limited time
  • Special limited edition TRAVELER'S stickers with purchase

Can't wait to see you all at the event and of course, as always, our very own TRAVELER'S Partner Shop stamp will be available for you to use as well!

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    Where can I see all the dates including Europe? I’m not in USA. Thanks in advance!

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