Sailor Shikiori Fairy Tale Series is here

Sailor Shikiori Fairy Tale Series is here

This new Shikiori series is inspired by Japanese fairy tales that take place in four different seasons. Shikiori is a well-known multi-series by Sailor and Sailor has released many Shikiori series in sets of fours. And these are the newest Shikiori series. From left to right are spring, summer, fall and winter. The story behind Dragon Palace represents spring, with an image of jewelry/jade box. Vega represents summer, with an image of deep blue milky way that Vega travels through in the sky. Princess Kaguya represents fall, with an image of bright red cloth worn by the Princess. Grateful Crane represents winter, with an image of snowy blue where the story takes place. Other than the winter color, the first three have subtle glitter on the body, and the winter color has a subtle shimmering finish.

Here are the links to the series:  Dragon Palace, VegaPrincess Kaguya and Grateful Crane

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