Kuretake Karappo Pen

Kuretake Karappo Pen

These Kuretake Karappo pens make writing with your favorite ink color a breeze! The pens were originally created to go with Kuretake's "Ink Cafe",  a set of customizable and mixable ink colors. 

The tactile process of filling each pen with ink is both mesmerizing and fun. Have your favorite ink bottle at the ready, dip the provided core inside the ink, wait until the core soaks it all up (all while staring in awe at this relaxing and surprisingly quick process), plug the pen with the seal and your new Karappo pen is now ready to write! To keep track of which ink is inside the pen, use the provided blank ink indicator stickers. Simply draw on the sticker using your pen and place the sticker at the top of the pen cap. See some of the process pictures below.

This Kuretake Karappo pen is available individually or as a set of 5!




  • siamak.gheitasi

    How can i order kuretake karappo pen?
    PLEASE send me a link to do buying?

  • Daisy Chen

    @Alice hi Alice! yes, the brush tip version will arrive in two weeks!

  • Alice

    I loved this pen, it’s so great when you want something on-the-go that is easy to use with the inks you already own! Kuretake also made a brush tip version and I would love to see Yoseka carry this type in the future as well! <3

  • Lauren

    I loved it! Such a fast, portable way to take a unique ink on the go. Writes very smoothly

  • LC

    Thank you for making this available! Can’t wait to get my hands on these and fill it up with ink!

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