Some Sailor Ink Studio Favorites

Some Sailor Ink Studio Favorites

A couple of weeks back, we began posting that our long-awaited Sailor Ink Studio inks had arrived and immediately, we started creating the ink guides for each of the 100 colors in the collection. For those who haven't heard of these inks, they have an interesting and unique history that we love. In 2005, Sailor began hosting ink-blending events all across Japan called Sailor Ink Studio events. At these events, their master ink blender, Osamu Ishimaru, who became iconic for his chosen costume of a cocktail bartender with black vest and bowtie, and signature ink-blending tool of a cocktail shaker, would serve the requests of the events' attendees by making the ink color of their dreams for them in a live ink blending demonstration. Over the years, over 20,000 unique ink colors have been blended at these events and in 2018, Sailor created the Sailor Ink Studio collection of inks, an additional 100 colors on top of the 20,000 created at the events as a way of celebrating the history and success of the Ink Studio events. 

100 inks is an extensive collection of inks and while all of them are beautiful, there are definitely some that stood out as I was creating our ink guide and every once in a while, I would call Neil over to come take a look at one that we would both admire. As I made the guide sheet for each color, I jotted down the numbers that stood out to me and by the end, I had written down 22 colors! That's about 1 in 5 that I absolutely loved haha so much for narrowing them down, I thought. So, I did another round of editing and cut out some of the colors that were really similar (since I can't seem to say no to a pinkish purple or any greyish ink like a blue grey, pink grey, purple grey, etc.) and in the end, wound up with a list of 13 inks. 

Here are my top 13 inks from the Sailor Ink Studio collection, which I'll be eagerly inking my pens up with in the coming few weeks! 

The colors are 973, 235, 237, 150, 340, 441, 223, 931, 373, 123, 264, 462 and 162.

Sailor Ink Studio No. 973

Sailor Ink Studio No. 235

Sailor Ink Studio No. 237

Sailor Ink Studio No. 150

Sailor Ink Studio No. 340

Sailor Ink Studio No. 441

Sailor Ink Studio No. 223

Sailor Ink Studio No. 931

Sailor Ink Studio No. 373

Sailor Ink Studio No. 123

Sailor Ink Studio No. 264

Sailor Ink Studio No. 462

Sailor Ink Studio No. 162

And if you were curious what the complete list of 22 favorites were, the additional inks that I edited out were: 140, 335, 341, 350, 370, 437, 573 and 530

So far, what have been some of your favorite inks from this collection? 

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