Yoseka 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Yoseka 2020 Holiday Gift Guide
Since many of us will be doing a lot of our holiday shopping online this year, we thought we would put together a holiday gift guide for the stationery lover in your life so you can find the perfect gift for them!

Paper, Notebooks and Planners

Hobonichi Planner

Our  most popular planner by far, Hobonichi Planners are the number one planner in Japan and it's easy to see why. They come with beautiful paper, entertaining quotes at the bottom of each daily page and the whole planner fits easily into a pocket, purse or backpack. 

Midori 3, 5, and 10 Year Diaries

If someone in your life loves to journal or scrapbook and generally just enjoys the practice of looking back on memories, or if you know somebody who just began a new phase of their life, these Midori multi-year diaries may be the perfect gift!

Traveler's Notebook

While no one is traveling at the moment, this customizable leather-bound Traveler's Notebook is as perfect for taking imaginary trips while journaling at your desk as it will be for bringing around on actual globe-trotting travels in the future. If you know someone who always has a notebook on them, this may be the perfect portable notebook for them! 

Life Letter Pad and Envelopes

Very classic and stunning letter paper to keep us all connected as we practice social distance for a little while longer.

Shinnippon Sora Moon Calendar 

A beautiful daily tear-away calendar that can be hung up on a wall or stood up on a desk and can serve as a daily reminder to stay connected to the changing seasons.

Pens, Pencils and Fountain Pens

Pilot Metropolitan

This is an excellent gift for anyone who loves writing, prefers putting pen to paper, and has been thinking about getting a fountain pen for the first time. In our store, we often recommend Pilot Metropolitan to a first time pen user because it is a great fountain that feels elegant and well-made due to its professional appearance and weighty barrel. It comes with a cartridge of black ink and a converter, perfect for someone ready to dabble with bottled inks. 

TWSBI Diamond Mini 

This fountain pen would be a great gift for someone relatively new to fountain pens and even an experienced long-time fountain pen user. It's a wonderful size that's very comfortable for writing even for long periods of time, and so easy to fill and maintain. The cap is easy to post with the threading on the back and like all TWSBIs, it holds so much ink that it very rarely dries out. Any fountain pen user would be delighted to get this pen as a gift.

ystudio My Resolute Pen Gift Set

ystudio's My Resolute gift set comes with ystudio's Classic ballpoint pen in a stunning forest green brassing protective coating. Each set also comes with resolution and reflection notecards that state "I Want," "I Will," "I Desire," "I Encounter," "I Think," and "I Am" in order to write down your intentions for the new year. This is a beautiful gift for you goal-oriented friend who also appreciates a good pen.

Sailor Pro Gear Slim Fountain Pen - Shikiori - Dragon Palace 

I may be biased since this is the fountain pen I use everyday, but if there is an experienced fountain pen lover in your life who loves Japanese pens--Sailor, Pilot, Platinum, chances are they have seen this beauty and will love the way it writes! Personally, I love sparkly pens and the stunning jade green of this pen is a dream.

Kaweco Special Mechanical Pencil 

For the mechanical pencil lover in your life, we recommend this sleek all-black Kaweco Mechanical Pencil. It's simple, unique and beautiful all at once. 

Sailor Shikiori Marker Set

For your creative friend who loves to bullet journal, practice calligraphy or write letters.
A Pilot Iroshizuku ink bottle is a beautiful gift for any fountain pen lover. It comes in a very pretty bottle and on top of the really amazing presentation, it is also one of the most well-behaved inks we have ever written with. It performs very well in any fountain pen and is never hard to clean out of a pen. Popular colors are Yama-Budo, Shin-Kai, Asa-Gao, Syo-Ro, Chiku-Rin and Fuyu-Syogun.

Sailor Manyo 

These inks are based on the anthology of Classical Japanese poems called "Manyoshu," which was created over 100 years and contributed to by people across from all different backgrounds and economic/social statuses. Many different flowers and plants are mentioned in the poems and the inks from this collection of Manyo inks by Sailor are colors inspired by some of these flora and fauna. 


Life Leather Pen Pouch

A beautifully made pen pouch made of soft leather for someone's most precious pens!

Marble Pen/Desk Trays

These add a really cute retro vibe to a desk.

Hightide Hourglass

For someone who is inspired by beautiful objects and loves to create a peaceful desk-scape for themselves.

Classiky Wood Boxes

Classiky's Toga Wood Boxes are available in the Small Box size and the larger Desk Tools size. If you have a friend who already has many of the items on our list, they will love this beautiful box they can use to store their beloved collection of stationery. 
    For more gift ideas, check out our Gifts section! Happy Holidays and hope everyone stays safe, healthy and happy this holiday season!

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