Happy May! Special Projects, Changes Coming and Preparing for June

Happy May! Special Projects, Changes Coming and Preparing for June

Hello everyone! Can't believe how quickly time is whizzing by and it is already May! It feels as if in no time at all, Jacob will be turning 1 and Yoseka's big release will be here, but before that we have lots of work to do and there are some changes coming to Yoseka as well.

This past month, we have been taking advantage of our full house days here at Yoseka when our whole team is here. Looking back, those are always some of the best days because we accomplish a whole lot as a team working together and have a good time while we're at it. This past week, the sun came out after a cloudy day, and we took that as a sign to walk to our local bar and enjoy our weekly happy hour there! It was so much fun and maybe you saw our group photo on Instagram from that day. 

In April, we also shared our team's special projects, worked on the release of the Traveler's Notebook Limited Sets and managed to ship all of your orders out over the next two days. Thank you to everyone who ordered their set from us! Each time one of these releases comes, we push ourselves to send out everyone's orders as quickly as possible and in this case, we knew you all were really looking forward to getting them and setting them up so hope your packages made it to you swiftly.

Here is all the stationery that we added this past month, starting from top left:

King Jim Flatty Canvas Pouches
Sailor Shikiori Seasonal Festival Fountain Pens
Platinum Izumo - Galaxy Raden
Zebra Mildliner Highlighters in new colors
Yoseka Special Projects with Ashley and Christine: Yoseka Note Writing Pad and Bookmark
LAMY Strawberry and Cream
Hightide Marble Stacking Trays
Hinodewashi Kaori Chan Scented Erasers
Uni Jetstream 3 Color Multi Pen - Limited Two Tone
Kakimori Spiral Notebooks
Gokaku Pencil
Blackwing Volume 200
Stickers from Kamio and Q-Lia 

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