Yoseka Special Project with Christine

So happy to be able to share Christine’s Special Project with everyone! It’s been especially fun seeing this bookmark evolve and take shape over the last few months. What started off as Christine’s idea to make something she could use in her own planner became this charming little bookmark we’d love to share with you all. You know Yoseka loves gold, which pairs so well with our beloved antiques and the soft worn-in leather on our Traveler’s Notebooks.

We’ll be including Christine’s bookmarks in all gold nib fountain pen orders starting today. We hope you’ll be able to enjoy using them in your favorite planner and notebooks as well. And don’t worry if you don’t have a gold nib fountain pen in your near future! If you really love this bookmark and want to show your support for Christine’s special project, just leave us a note on your next order and we’ll be happy to include one for you while we still have them :)

Check out the IG Reel we made featuring Christine's bookmark! 

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