Happy July!

Happy July!

Happy July everyone! It has been quite hot and steamy here in New York, and we hear in many parts of the country right now! Hope everyone (and your dogs and cats) are staying close to their air conditioners and staying hydrated :)

Last month was an exciting one for stationery lovers and Sailor lovers in particular. Their long-awaited Sailor Shikiori Amaoto Sound of Rain fountain pens were finally released here in the US and we're so happy to see that everyone is loving theirs. In addition to these, of course we've added lots of new stationery. Here at the shop, we are all having such a good time meeting everyone in person. On Father's Day, it was a true pleasure and honor to be the destination for the dads who thought of making the trip to our shop with their daughters and sons! I can't tell you how special that felt for me and Neil. In June, we also added lots of new YouTube videos and in our latest one, we even invite a special guest in our new series, "Inside My Pen Case." Make sure to check it out if you missed it. We're all settling into a routine here on shop days, and it feels so quiet here now on Mondays and Tuesdays!

Here are some new items we added in last month:

KITTA Tape in new styles
Nichiban Tape Cutter
Kaweco ART Sport fountain pens
Tools to Liveby Brass Rulermark
Allex Scissors
Pentel Techniclick
Pilot Custom 74 - Grenadine
Sailor Trinity in 1911L and 1911S
Tools to Liveby Paper Clip Stamps
Akashiya SAI ThinLine Brush Pens
Life Stenographer's Notebook in Gregg Ruled and Grid
Pavilio Lace Tapes
MD Fountain Pen
Sailor Shikiori Sound of Rain Series
Taccia Ukiyo-e Inks
Kuretake Metallic Brush Pens
Eric Small Things x Sanby Endless Stamp Set

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