Life Stenographers' Notebook - A5 - Grid

Life Stenographers' Notebook - A5 - Grid. This is a dual-ring spiral notepad featuring cream Life paper and light blue grid lines. The cover contains spaces for Book No. and From/To dates.

Stenographers use shorthand to write as quickly as people speak. Stenography is often used in recording court cases today, but was also taught in school in previous decades to help secretaries get jobs.

Gregg shorthand, the most common form of shorthand in the United States, is one of the fastest ways on the planet to record spoken conversations. For a frame of reference, a new stenographer can write at a speed of 80 words per minute, whereas someone who is more experienced can achieve a speed of 150 words per minute. The average American typing speed on a computer is about 40 words per minute.

  • Size: A5
  • 5 mm grid
  • N11
  • 50 sheets
  • Cream paper
  • Also available in Gregg Ruled