Happy Earth Day! Here's to a Future of More Sustainable Stationery 🌎

Happy Earth Day! Here's to a Future of More Sustainable Stationery 🌎

Happy Earth Day everyone! Since it’s Earth Day, we wanted to highlight companies like Uni for continuing to innovate and reinvent great stationery by making them more sustainable and recyclable!

Last September, Uni Mitsubishi released their Limex Ballpoint pen. This new material, Limex, is mainly made of limestone that can be found in natural supply around the world, and is a highly recyclable and sustainable paper- and plastic-alternative. The Uni Limex is essentially identical to one of Uni’s classic ballpoint pens, the Boxy 100 that was released more than 40 years before and became very popular in Japan. Just like the original pen, Uni Limex has a box-like rectangular shape with rounded corners and is extremely lightweight, making it very comfortable for you to hold in your hand when writing.

Like many of the pens we have, it is refillable so you can reuse the body as long as you get a new ink refill! We love that this pen comes from mostly naturally occurring materials without comprising on any of the great features of the original pen (lightweight, smooth texture, interesting design). And we are grateful for stationery companies that help us envision a future with more sustainable materials making their way into the stationery world!

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