Uni Boxy 100 Ballpoint Pen

Uni Boxy 100 Ballpoint Pen was released by Uni Mitsubishi Pencil Co. in 1975 along with a complete line of Boxy stationery including other writing instruments, scissors, staplers, folders and many other stationeries. One look at the pen will definitely transport you to a different decade--with its rectangular shape, clean edges and lines, and brightly colored accent details, we are always reminded of vintage Nintendo gaming systems and old school computers when looking at the pen. At the time the pen was first released, it was quite different from most other pens that were popular since many of the mainstream pens were more frilly and decorated while the Boxy is very simple. Its body is almost completely black except for the retracting button which is bright orange and the name of the pen which is in white. The pen has a box-like rectangular shape with rounded corners and is extremely lightweight, making it very comfortable for you to hold in your hand when writing. 

After its release, the Boxy pen rose in popularity among students and young men and women in Japan for its unique design, which set it apart from other pens. On top of this, the pen became important for its role in a game of eraser car racing that was frequently played by young students. Students would use the propelling force of the top push button that would pop up when pushing the side button to push an eraser race car and see how far it could go. This tradition of utilizing the force of the popping push button has continued on today with certain YouTubers playing eraser soccer with the pen today!

  • 0.7 mm
  • Black ink
  • Length: 5.1 in (13 cm)
  • Ballpoint pen
  • Material: Plastic
  • Box-like rectangular shape
  • Lightweight
  • Push top button down to write; push side button to retract
  • Refill: S-7S