Happy August!

Happy August!

Exciting events, 2023 planners, oppressing heat waves in NYC, pretty new pens from Sailor and lots of new stationery

July has been chock full of events for us at Yoseka. We had our Traveler's TRAVEL and SKETCH event, where we asked all of you Traveler's Notebook users to get outside and sketch your days in your TNs, then stop by Yoseka for the special event stamp. Shortly after that, we began our currently ongoing LCN Pop Up at the shop, where you can view many of LCN's handmade mini masterpieces, sample and use many of her designs, and shop her complete stationery collections which are rarely found in person at Yoseka. 

As our schedule of in-store events continues, our team has been busy coordinating with the people and brands that we will be collaborating with on these upcoming events: CY from Tokyo Station Pens, Kakimori and Stalogy. More are in the works so stay tuned and send us any suggestions you might have for others! 

These past couple of weeks, we've also been shifting our focus to 2023 planners. Many of these orders have actually been placed since the early months of 2022, but if you've been checking the website, you'll now see that we have added a "2023 Planners" tab on our homepage, where you'll be able to find information on all of next year's planners, calendars and planning accessories. Hopefully this will make it a little easier for you all to decide which planner is for you next year. 

Of course, we are always adding lots of new stationery here as well and here is all the stationery that we added in July (from top left and more):

Hightide Puggy's Best High Stationer
Hightide Penco Coil
Hightide Penco General
Yoseka x LCN 2022 Shop Stamp
Hightide Penco Storage Container Pen Case
Sailor Manyo Pro Gear Slim
Midori Journal Sticky Note
Lennon Tool Bar Summer 2022 Limited Inks
Kokuyo Dot Liner - Limited Jelly
OURS x Hank
OURS x Koopa
Mind Wave Stickers
Kodomo No Kao Clear Stamps
MU Print-On Stickers
Hightide Marble Circle Tray
LAMY Cursive Nib
Kuretake Gansai Watercolors in Basic and Starry colors
Sailor LINE Friends - Brown and Sally
Blackwing Vol. 55 - Golden Ratio
Dominant Industry - Evening and Horizon (Pearl)
TWSBI Diamond 580 - Iris
Hobby Stationery Vol. 62

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  • Kate

    I have a Lamy Pico I purchased at the flagship store in Heidelberg! It has a custom inscription/graphic. It’s a very clever design that works well.

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