Midori Journal Sticky Notes

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The Journal Sticky Notes are designed by Midori, a Japanese company that specializes in paper since 1960. These colorful sticky notes come in a variety of creative designs, and are perfect for organizing your journal or planner, as well as keeping track of your weekly or monthly plans. The petite size of the notes are designed to fit in almost all types of planners or journals. A light adhesive covers more than a half of the back of each note, keeping them well-secured when sticking onto the page. The backing paper can also be folded over the sticky notes to form a protective booklet while traveling.

About Midori:

Midori began as a Japanese paper product manufacturing company producing mainly writing paper, notebooks, and sketchbooks in 1950. Their name Midori means “green” in Japanese and is inspired partly by the lush green blades of grass and weeds growing in the burnt fields in postwar Japan. They’ve since expanded their product offering to include all sorts of stationery goods.

  • Dimensions: 5in (12.7cm) x 2in (5.08cm) (package)
  • Daily Log Series include 70 sticky notes (10 notes x 7 days)
  • Weekly Log  Series  include 35 sticky notes (5 notes x 7 days)
  • Title Series include 70 sticky notes (10 notes x 7 designs)
  • Habit Tracker Series include 30 sticky notes (10 notes x 3 designs)
  • Free Log Series include 60 sticky notes (15 notes x 4 designs)
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