Sailor Yurameku 2nd Edition Kokoroguma ink - 20mL Bottle

Sailor Yurameku 2nd Editions inks are a continuation to Sailor's Yurameku inks originally released in 2021. The original collection of Yurameku inks were designed to be highly shading and color-changing inks dependent on what paper you were writing on. In this 2nd edition of Yurameku, Sailor has added on 5 additional color-shifting inks that appear different when they are wet and dry. When you first write with these colors, they appear to be one color and as the inks dry on paper, they transform into new colors. 

About Sailor:

Sailor was founded in 1911. The founder Kyugoro Sakata was given a fountain pen by a friend returning from the UK after studying at the Royal Navy. He was inspired and determined to start making fountain pens in Japan. Sailor became the first fountain pen company in Japan, and earned many more firsts in Japan -- first ballpoint pen in 1948, first ink cartridge in 1954 and first brush pen in 1972, etc.

In the 1970's, Sailor made a popular beginner fountain pen, "Candy," that sold more than 15 million within a few years. However, the number of the fountain pen users were declining as ballpoint pens became more mainstream.

In 1981, Sailor decided to go in the opposite direction from their "Candy" pen and began focusing on producing a higher standard series, which is the 1911 series we see today. Their focus on making a higher standard provides a great foundation for their later series of pens. Today, Sailor makes one of the most diverse lines of nibs, some of which are designed for specific writing purposes such as writing musical notes to one that is best for character writing.

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