Midori 3 Years Diary

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Do you ever wonder what you felt last year this day? What you were doing, eating or what made you happy? Midori's 3 Years Diary allows you to write down a little bit about yourself and your day over the course of 3 years. 

Each page has 3 sections so you are always writing on the same page on a particular day in the year. As you are writing down your new thought for the day, you are also reminded of your memories from a previous year.

Since this diary is undated, you can start the diary at anytime of the year. For example, at the start of any momentous occasion in your life that you'll want to remember forever--perhaps welcoming a new member of the family, moving to a new city, or anything else you or your loved ones can look back on for years to come. 

Beautiful illustrated details within the diary such as adorable drawings that serve as index markers and different style doors at the beginning of each month to symbolize a new beginning will inspire you to continue writing in your diary throughout the 3 years. And since you are only seeing your diary for a few minutes everyday, each page and all of the illustrated details will come as a delightful surprise when you come upon them again every year.