2021 Planners

Hobonichi: Shipping 9/1. Order links: Complete
Traveler's Notebook: Estimated Arrival: End of September. Pre-order links: Complete
Midori: Shipping week of 9/8; Order links: Complete
Arrival: End of September; Pre-order links: Complete
Arrival: Beginning of October; Pre-order links: Complete
SHINNIPPON Sora Daily Calendar: Shipping 9/25
; Order links: Complete
Replug Calendars: Arrival: Beginning of October; Pre-order links: WIP


2020/09/24 Himekuri: Estimated arrival will be next week. Pre-order links were just created and orders will be shipping out as soon as they arrive. Hightide planners and calendars are on their way to us and will be ready to ship next week!
2020/09/22 Sora: Shinnippon calendars have arrived and will be shipping out over the next few days.

2020/09/01 Hobonichi: We will be placing second order from Hobonichi end of September. For those who are looking for specific covers, please email us your requests. The second order doesn't guarantee for all items especially for those that are popular. Please make sure to keep options open!