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Ink Sample - Taccia Ukiyo-e

Benitsuchi - 3ml
Benitsuchi - 5ml
Fukakihanada - 3ml
Fukakihanada - 5ml
Sabimidori - 3ml Click for restock
Sabimidori - 5ml Click for restock
Akasakura - 3ml
Akasakura - 5ml
Koiame - 3ml
Koiame - 5ml
Kurocha - 3ml
Kurocha - 5ml
Natane - 3ml
Natane - 5ml
Aomurasaki - 3ml
Aomurasaki - 5ml
Benizakura - 3ml
Benizakura - 5ml
Umemurasaki - 3ml Click for restock
Umemurasaki - 5ml Click for restock
Usuzumi - 3ml
Usuzumi - 5ml
Koiai - 3ml
Koiai - 5ml
Nakamurasaki - 3ml
Nakamurasaki - 5ml
Asahanada - 3ml
Asahanada - 5ml

Ink Sample - Taccia Ukiyo-e

    Taccia's Ukiyo-e collection of inks is inspired by the rich colors depicted in Ukiyo-e paintings and woodblock paintings from Japan's Edo Period. Hokusai Katsushika was a leading Ukiyo-e artist, whose works featured landscapes that frequently depicted Mt. Fuji as part of the scenery. While these fountain pen inks are great for writing, they are also meant to be used for drawing purposes. 

    Regular Taccia Ukiyo-e Bottles:

    Our ink samples will come in these tiny adorable glass bottles. They can hold up to 5ml, and you can pick either 3ml or 5ml of each color.

    These bottles are meant to be reusable. You can return your 10 empty bottles to us, and your next sample ink will be on us.

    Please note that orders containing ink samples may require an extra 2-3 days time as we make our ink samples to order.