Taccia Ukiyo-e - Utamaro - Usuzumi (Light Black)

Taccia's Ukiyo-e collection of inks is inspired by the rich colors depicted in Ukiyo-e paintings and woodblock paintings from Japan's Edo Period. Utamaro Kitagawa was a leading Ukiyo-e artist, who became well-known for his works featuring beautiful women. He was one of the few artists at the time to focus on a woman's portrait, rather than their full body. Depicting them with longer faces set them apart from the more common, idealized images of women. While these fountain pen inks are great for writing, they are also meant to be used for drawing purposes. 

  • 40 ml bottle
  • Light Black
  • Ukiyo-e artwork that inspired this ink is featured on the box that the ink comes in
  • Dye-based
  • Available as ink sample