Hobonichi 2023 Official Guide Book

Hobonichi 2023 Official Guide Book. Every year, with the release of new Hobonichi covers, the official guidebook interviews different users, walkthroughs designs and deep dives into special features. 

The 2023 edition guidebook contains 160 pages filled with a total of 365 user questions and important information presented in a Q&A format.

There are questions that explore every aspect of the Hobonichi Techo, from the basic to the specific:
“What kind of planner is the Hobonichi Techo?”
“What makes the Hobonichi Techo unique?”
“What kind of people use the Hobonichi Techo, and how?”
“How can I use the Hobonichi Techo to improve at things I love doing?”
“How do I keep records of work?”

Reading this book will teach you everything you need to know about the Hobonichi Techo.

Includes Bonus stickers by 100% ORANGE!

The illustration on the guidebook cover is by artist 100% ORANGE. If you remove the orange obi strip, the look of the book changes. The child pictured in the illustration is the one featured in the flipbook comic “One Pencil” in the 2023 edition Day-Free.

The first edition pressing of the official guidebook will include “Stickers Perfect for the Hobonichi Techo” at the back of the book. In order to prevent users from feeling hesitant to “waste” the stickers by actually using them, Hobonichi guidebook has included plenty of them on an A5-size sticker sheet. It includes numbers, English words, expressions and actions that you can use for pages for scheduling or journaling. The stickers are transparent, so they’re extra cute and easy to use in smaller spaces, such as the edges of monthly calendar entries. There are also patterned stickers included that you can use like you would washi tape.

All kinds of jobs, all kinds of techos.
Check out usage examples for all the Hobonichi Techo books!

What really makes the Hobonichi Techo Guidebook a pleasure to read is its vast collection of usage examples. There are as many ways to use the techo as there are people who use it, so Hobonichi team talked with a wide variety of users and had them walk us through how they make the Hobonichi Techo work for their unique jobs and lifestyles.

Model Kanoco finds time to go out and write in her techo as a means of treating herself now that she’s raising a child. One half of the comedy duo Fruit Punch, Kenji Murakami, started writing haiku in his techo. Nami Kishida, her younger brother Ryota, and her mother Hiromi reflect on what changed after the creation of the “365 Days” design. There’s also a staff of 90 people at a group home who kept an exchange diary, a couple who is almost done filling in a Hobonichi 5-Year Techo, and many other interviews that explore the wide variety of jobs that the techo is used for and ways that the techo is used.

Draw a picture, set a rule, raise your kids, track your health.
Tell us your Hobonichi Techo techniques!

“How can I consistently write in my techo every day?”
“I want to use my blank pages better.”
There are lots of questions and concerns when it comes to using the Hobonichi Techo, and you can often find the answer from the ideas and techniques of fellow Hobonichi Techo users. The “Tell us your Hobonichi Techo techniques!” article features real techos to show helpful techniques when using the techo for work, school, parenting, and more.

Which techo will you pick for 2023?
A look at the latest techo lineup and recommended products!

Hobonichi guidebook has got a comprehensive introduction of the Hobonichi Techo lineup on the Hobonichi Techo Official Website, but every year the official guidebook is popular for the way the layout provides at-a-glance content that makes it easy to browse products. The guidebook includes a catalog that splits the lineup by series, as well as articles that cover the latest hot Hobonichi Techo news. There’s also an article where the head of stationery at Loft tells us about products that work especially well with the Hobonichi Techo, and an article in a Q&A format that recommends products sold on the Hobonichi Store.

Shigesato Itoi interview, a Q&A section, and many more articles to enjoy!

In addition to usage examples, the guidebook also contains articles that provide insight to make writing and recording things more enjoyable. There’s an interview with Shigesato Itoi that has been reworked from what was published on Hobonichi website and edited into a Q&A format. Hobonichi team also speak with artist shunshun about keeping in line with the seasons to a deeper extent through solar terms. One section steadily answers questions about the Hobonichi Techo books and covers, and another features a class by Banana Yoshimoto and Ikujiro Nonaka—a sort of written edition of a Hobonichi School course, which is traditionally delivered via video—in which they discuss writing.