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Shachihata Oil-Based Ink Pad - Iromoyo - Traditional Japanese Colors

Bright Yellow/山吹色 Click for restock
Decayed Leaf/朽葉色
Light Blue/浅葱色
Lapis Lazuli/瑠璃色 Click for restock
Chestnut/栗色 Click for restock
Silver/銀鼠色 Click for restock
Black/墨色 Click for restock
Coral/珊瑚色 Click for restock
Pink/鴇色 Click for restock
Sunflower/向日葵色 Click for restock
Yellow Green/萌黄色
Young Bamboo/若竹色 Click for restock
Water/水色 Click for restock
Dew/露草色 Click for restock
Cobalt/縹色 Click for restock
Sand/砂色 Click for restock
Cypress/桧皮色 Click for restock
Madder Red/茜色 Click for restock
Red Plum/紅梅色
Horsetail/木賊色 Click for restock

Shachihata started making stamp pad since 1925. The pad comes with oil-based pigment ink, and the surface of the pad is designed to make full contact with a stamp. It produces a sharper and brighter result than a standard ink pad. It also dries fast and waterproof. These 24 colors features traditional Japanese colors and they were released in 2019 December at the Bungu Joshi Haku. The lid of this series is not attached, and the bottom of the pad is designed to be stackable for easy storage.


About Shachihata:

Shachihata is a Japanese ink brand from Nagoya established in 1925. They got their start with the groundbreaking self-inking stamp pad, the Mannen Stamp Pad. Now, they produce much more than stamp pads and are well known for manufacturing hanko, Japanese seal stamps. Hanko are widely used in Japan to stamp official documents, almost like a signature.

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