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Shachihata Oil-Based Ink Pad - Metallic


Shachihata Oil-Based Ink Pad - Metallic. The Shachihata Metallic ink pads makes a gorgeous shimmery metallic statement. The surface of the pad is designed to make full contact with a stamp. It produces a sharper and brighter result than a standard ink pad. It also dries fast and waterproof. These metallic colors are timeless and versatile, perfect for using in a planner, award certificates, and artwork. The plastic lid of this stamp pad is not attached, and the bottom of the pad is designed to be stackable for easy storage.

About Shachihata:

Shachihata is a Japanese ink brand from Nagoya established in 1925. They got their start with the groundbreaking self-inking stamp pad, the Mannen Stamp Pad. Now, they produce much more than stamp pads and are well known for manufacturing hanko, Japanese seal stamps. Hanko are widely used in Japan to stamp official documents, almost like a signature.

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