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Kuretake Karappo Pen - Set of 5

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Kuretake Karappo Pen was created to go with Kuretake's "Ink Cafe", a set of mixable basic ink colors that can be used to customize your own color. Each Karappo pen comes with an empty core. To use, simply dip the core inside your favorite ink color, wait until the ink soaks up the core, place the core inside the pen, plug the pen with the provided seal, and your Karappo Pen will now write with your favorite ink color! 

  • Set of 5
  • Includes 5 cores, 5 pen bodies, 5 pen seals, 6 blank ink indicator stickers
  • Available in individually or as a set of 5
  • Note that once the ink runs out, the seal in the back of the pen can be removed to refill the core
  • View these photos to see the step by step process


Comparison between felt tip and brush tip

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