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Shachihata 95th Anniversary Special Edition

Shachihata 95th Anniversary Special Edition

Shachihata 95th Anniversary Memo Tin, Pad and Washi.


The 95th Anniversary Memo Tin mimics the design of their original Mannen Stamp Pad from 1925. Back in those days, ink pads had to be inked each time they were used. Shachihata developed the Mannen Stamp Pad, a groundbreaking product which didn’t have to be re-inked. It wasn’t well received by the public at the time, so Shachihata gave them out as gifts to local law enforcement, government offices, and other public institutions until they caught on. This memo tin also features the original Shachihata logo (the flag with the carp inside the circle). The carp is actually a shachihoko, the symbol of Nagoya. Shachihoko are animals with the head of a lion and the body of a carp who cause rain to fall. Statues of these creatures are often adorned on buildings and temples to protect them from fire 🔥


The 95th Anniversary Washi features 10 different previous stamp pad designs. Shachihata has such a captivating history and backstory - one we're happy to celebrate for its 95th year!

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