Shachihata Washi Tape - 95th Anniversary Edition

To commemorate their 95th anniversary, Shachihata has released a stationery line featuring motifs with their retro stamp pad designs from past generations.

The Shachihata Washi Tape - 95th Anniversary Edition features 10 iconic Shachihata stamp pad designs from over the years.

The label also features the original Shachihata font and logo (the flag with the carp inside the circle). The carp is actually a shachihoko, the symbol of Nagoya. Shachihoko are animals with the head of a lion and the body of a carp who cause rain to fall. Statues of these creatures are often adorned on buildings and temples to protect them from fire.

  • 10 different retro Shachihata stamp pad designs 
  • 15mm x 3m
  • Comes in: Red, Blue, and Black

About Shachihata:

Shachihata is a Japanese ink brand from Nagoya established in 1925. They got their start with the groundbreaking self-inking stamp pad, the Mannen Stamp Pad. Now, they produce much more than stamp pads and are well known for manufacturing hanko, Japanese seal stamps. Hanko are widely used in Japan to stamp official documents, almost like a signature.